Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hold your footage till release!

Hi all,

I had a couple of questions with regard releasing your clips before the film is finished, ie. posting your clip on a website, or you tube.

I think it would be better for the film if everyone held back. I know it's tempting, and it's exciting to be part of something like this, so you may be eager to share it, which is cool, but I would simply ask you not to broadcast it or release it online.

I would like to build the anticipation for the release of the film and not give anything away, also to allow it be a surprise for everyone who took part, to see all the other clips for the first time upon release and to see their own side by side with everyone else, in context with the over all theme of the film I will strive to build in the edit, with the final mix, grade and score.

You should also know that film festivals will not accept films that have been previously released on the internet, so I don't want to risk our chances of touring festivals, which will probably largely be where the film will be seen.

I hope you all understand. I should have pointed this out prior to this! My bad! But I hope you can all bear with me now and hold your excitement for the final film!

Many thanks guys! I promise it wont be too long to wait - and then we can go mad!

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